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A Celebration of Flavours

It is no secret that Sri Lankans love their spice, with their strong aromas, and diverse flavour evolving through cultures. This is the culinary experience that we try to project to tourists so they can enjoy food made fresh with real ingredients, and enter into a world of culinary fused with culture, and served on a plate.

There are many dishes that have been passed down to Sri Lankans as their own from colonization, and after the formation of the Democratic Social Republic, many dishes from cultures that made their cut to Sri Lankan cuisine. The best part about our food is that each dish has its own unique flavour, and its own unique method of preparation.
The first on the list is definitely kottu, made by chopping flatbread into tiny pieces, which are then tossed into a large wok so the flatbread can be seasoned with a special sauce, mixed together with vegetables and meat. Kottu is a well loved dish both by the locals and the tourists and is something to look forward to because every bite brings with it an explosion of flavour in your mouth.
A bowl shaped delicacy passed on by the Dutch, known as hoppers is the next on our list of must-tries. This very diverse dish is simply a thin batter poured into a bowl shaped vessel and cooked on a stove. In simple terms, it could be explained as a Sri Lankan crepe. However the

hopper is crispier and comes in variations of egg, milk, and treacle in addition to the simple plain one. This is the ultimate comfort food and you can find it almost anywhere in Sri Lanka. Typical Sri Lankan Kiribath, which is milk rice, served with some spicy katta sambol, which is a pickle of sorts made with chilli and onions with a generous squeeze of lemon to enhance the flavour is our kind of breakfast of champions. This lovely, and absolutely delicious dish is prepared in times of celebration, and is mostly devoured during breakfast because it’s everyone’s favourite!

Did you know that we Sri Lankans have our own version of noodles? Except they’re made out of rice flour, and shaped into little spirals and are called string hoppers. String hoppers, or indi appa, are best chowed down with a milk based curry and some coconut sambol. The string hoppers absorb the delicious curry and the sambol provides a little bit of a kick making the entire dish a festival of different flavours.

The last one is something that you simply cannot avoid here in Sri Lanka. You must treat yourself to a hearty plate of rice and curry, cooked in earthen pots, with a vegetable of your choice on the side.

This is the ultimate comfort meal and a staple, which is loved and enjoyed by all. You can choose between brown rice and white rice, and even choose your own curry. The best part? You can customise it your way, and it suits vegetarians too! This is just a select few of a myriad of dishes and delicacies that are available here in Sri Lanka. Your
sign to come here is to embark on a foodventure and find yourself falling in love with the variations of food and their unique flavour.

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