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The Serendipity Collection is a collection of unique and exclusive properties that portray symbolic Sri Lankan beauty by encompassing historical, cultural & architectural elements Each property being incorporated into our growing collection encompasses its own unique identity, story and architectural appeal.
In addition we want our guests to appreciate the owners various personal tastes and preferences encapsulated throughout the Villas as The Serendipity Collection strives to give our guest an exclusively unique experience.

Featuring properties designed by award winning architects such as Geoffrey Bawa and Shigeru Ban, boasting vast landscapes and breathtaking views to having secret passages to their own private beaches.

Our villas are each unique in their own way having won several awards and been featured in a number of leading local and international publications


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“The Serendipity Collection was founded with the mission of creating sanctuaries that go beyond the ordinary definition of luxury. We believe that luxury is not just about having the finest accommodations and amenities. It’s also about creating experiences that are truly memorable and that will stay with you for a lifetime.

That’s why we hand-pick each property in our collection with care and taking into account the sustainability aspect of each and every one of our luxurious villas.

We look for places that are not only beautiful and luxurious, but also that can captivate your senses.

We want our guests to feel like they’re stepping into a world of wonder and discovery, where anything is possible.”

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At the Serendipity Collection our focus is on providing an experience that would leave you with memories that would be cherished and bring you back to let us plan and curate your next visit.

We aim to redefine luxury, focusing on experiences, natural and locally sourced fresh produce, wellness, relaxation and the sheer admiration of what our properties have on offer in terms of design and comfort.

We have formed strategic and exclusive partnerships with local and international brands such as Sail Lanka (private luxury yachts) and LuxoAir (private charter aircraft) to bring you only the best our island has to offer.

Come experience luxury with The Serendipity Collection!

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Enjoy a holiday adventure that will offer you unforgettable memories to last a lifetime! Our team of expert’s curate tailor-made experiences that will take you to the most beautiful and exciting places in Sri Lanka.”



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