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Local Experiences is Sri Lanka

Whether you’re a beach person or a mountain person, someone who seeks a countryside adventure or loves exploring the city, someone with a creative side or someone who enjoys chilling, Sri Lanka has an abundance of local experiences to try and enjoy while you vacation in our paradise Island!

Our local experiences allow you to connect with aspects of our country that you love the most. From food to art to farming and beyond, there is something for everyone; and the best part? A guaranteed good time!
Whilst anywhere on this island is a place you can find something interesting to do, we’ve highlighted a few unique experiences that are exclusively Sri Lankan!

First order of business in Sri Lanka should undoubtedly be the cooking lessons offered by local experts who have mastered authentic Sri Lankan flavours and the art of teaching it to you so you can take back your favourite part of the island with you.

These cooking classes allow you to prepare the most heavenly meal that you will cherish every bite of!

Another fun experience is the train ride from Kandy to Ella which is considered to be the most scenic railway route in the country,
passing through mountains and cruising through valleys and underground tunnels, this is a must try! And while you’re at it, make sure to visit the tea plantations in the hill country so you can pluck your own tea leaves and brew it into a cup of authentic Sri Lankan tea.

Mask carving and lace weaving are two activities for those who love testing their creative side whilst learning about culture. Both these crafts are ancient and have been passed down through generations, carrying immense value and a perspective of heritage. Lace weaving is still practiced in the villages, producing the cutest doilies and lace weaved table mats, while mask carving is a traditional ritual performed to produce keepsakes that evade the evil eye.

Our dodgy bar tours allow you to step into a world that ceased to exist decades ago, yet the charm of it has been preserved to deliver an old-fashioned experience for you. These bars have the typical wooden trimmings giving you the vibes of a bygone period in time. Try toddy tasting in these bars to experience the refreshing alcoholic drink made by using fermented coconuts.

One experience to not miss is the super fun tuk tuk tours which take you on a ride through the city in an open structured three wheeler that allows you to catch the most beautiful sites of the city in the fastest possible way. The fun stories of the tuk tuk drivers add to the experience making it a truly unforgettable one!

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